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The 8th Annual Conference of the Spanish Association of Law and Economics (Asociación Española de Derecho y Economía) will be held on June 29-30, 2017 at the Puerta de Toledo Campus of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, in downtown Madrid, Spain.

The Conference invites those interested in submitting a paper (in English or Spanish) to submit electronically a short abstract (200 words) in English (and Spanish if the author so wishes) plus either a copy of the final paper (if already available) or an outline of a minimum of 2 pages to aede2017@uc3m.es by 31th March 2017. On the date indicated below, the Conference will announce the papers selected among the original works received on all topics related to Law and Economics.


We are pleased to announce that the keynote speaker at the AEDE 2017 Annual Meeting is Colin Mayer, from Oxford University. Colin Mayer is the Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies at Saïd Business School. He is an expert on all aspects of corporate finance, governance and taxation, the regulation of financial institutions and the role of the corporation in contemporary society.


The AEDE 2017 Annual Meeting will host a special session on New Ways of Financing Innovation in collaboration with the Business Department of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Papers submitted to the special session will undergo the same submission and review process as regular paper submissions. Submitting to special sessions means that you are submitting to the main conference.

The conference will also host a special session organized with FIDE (http://www.fidefundacion.es/), Fundación para la Investigación sobre el Derecho y la Empresa. The session will confront the ideas of professionals related to the Foundation -coming both from the fields of law and economics- with regard to current problems in regulation, its judicial practice, its costs and benefits to citizens and corporations, the variations arising from the different approaches of the different administrations and the proposals for improvement.


Subjects of special interest for the Conference, with particular emphasis on Spanish or European systems and institutions, are the following: Antitrust and Regulation - Bankruptcy Law - Behavioural Law and Economics – Contracts and Commercial Law – Securities and Financial Regulation- Comparative Law and Economics - Corporate Law and Corporate Governance - Tort Law and Compensation Systems- Criminal Law -Environmental Law - Experimental Law and Economics - Family Law, Gender, and Discrimination - Health Law –Property Law, including Intellectual Property and Innovation -International Law and Trade- Labour, Employment and Immigration - Litigation, Dispute Resolution and the Legal Process - Political economy of the Law - Public and Administrative Law -Taxation and Social Welfare.

A selection of the papers presented at the Conference will be published in InDret (www.indret.com) following a regular submission and evaluation process.

For further information, please contact aede2017@uc3m.es and visit:

Important dates
Proposal's submission deadline: March 31, 2017.
Communication of Acceptance: May 5, 2017
Final papers due by: June 1, 2017

AEDE Board Members: Francisco Cabrillo (Universidad Complutense), Nuno Garoupa (Texas A&M University School of Law), Juan S. Mora-Sanguinetti (Banco de España-Eurosystem) y Rocío Albert (Universidad Complutense).


Organizing Committee: María Gutiérrez Urtiaga (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Josep Tribó Giné (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Juan S. Mora-Sanguinetti (Banco de España-Eurosystem) and Maribel Sáez Lacave (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

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